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Understanding more about YouOnline
  • What is YouOnline?
  • This is a reduced cost development plan that is designed by Destiny Developers to make sure that every business has a functional online presence.
  • Who is qualified to benefit from YouOnline?
  • Any business that is registered with the National Business Regulatory body of it's operating Country. (e.g: Businesses that reside in Nigeria must be registered with the CAC [Corporate Affairs Commision] before they can benefit from YouOnline)
  • I don't own a Company, can I benefit from YouOnline?
  • Yes, if you partner with a registered Company/Business. Currently, YouOnline is designed for registered Businesses/Companies.
  • Apart from Creating a Website, what other services can I benefit through YouOnline?
  • i. Website/Solution Management: YouOnline helps companies to manage their websites/solutions at a very reduced cost.
    ii. Consultation Services
  • DO YouOnline have a validity period/expiring date?
  • No. You can be on YouOnline plan as long as you wish, unless you desire to upgrade.
  • Will YouOnline provide a standard and functional Corporate Website?
  • Yes. This is one of the major reasons YouOnline exist, it's a resounding Yes!
  • Will visitors to my site be able to communicate directly to me and vise versa?
  • Yes. All communication and responses/feedback will be via a dedicated address. Every site under YouOnline has a control panel which is managed by Destiny Developers.
  • I really need a Database for my site, will YouOnline provide me with one?
  • Yes. A Database is provided for needed sites. YouOnline covers you.
  • How Do I start benefiting from YouOnline?
  • Send an email to with the subject "YouOnline" or call +234-809-2999-346.
  • I need more explanation, what do I do?
  • Send an email to with the subject "YouOnline" or call +234-809-2999-346.